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Cheating is the process of using bots or other programs to gain an advantage over other players of official and unofficial RuneScape servers.

There are three main styles of cheating programs: proxies, colour picking and client modification/reflection.


Programs such as AutoRune would intercept the game's traffic and examine incoming and outgoing packets: modifying, deleting and injecting packets as required.

Colour picking

Macro programs such as SCAR use scripts that search for images, text (using optical character recognition) and colours. They are able to move the mouse and click automatically.

As this is generally a laborious task, libraries such as SRL (SCAR RuneScape Library) have been developed to simplify the task of programming scripts.

Client reflection or modification

Some programs modify the client itself or use reflection to analyse the internal state. These will then push events onto the client event queue (in the case of Aryan) or move and automatically click the mouse (in the case of RSBot).

Some older RSC bots (such as Reine's skulltorcha and RichyT's sbot) were also just deobfuscated clients modified.