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The file system

The filesystem used in new engine clients is the same as that used in old engine clients, only the extension of the data file was altered to dat2.

The cache format

Where old engine clients use archives to store important data that is loaded at startup, the new engine client treats them the same as other, on-demand loaded files, also there is the addition of an index file 255 which stores the version numbers,CRC32 checksums and names for files (sorted by index so that for example the file for index 8 is 255\8.dat) , which replaces the old versionlist archive, to check for updates of this file there is an trimmed version of such an file used called the main checksum table, otherwise reffered to as uKeys.

Index contents

3 - Interfaces
5 - Map assets
6 - Music assets
7 - Model assets
8 - Image assets
255 - File information tables