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WhiteScape was a server, created by WhiteFang, base on MythScape. Many private servers of today are based on WhiteScape. Some of the more unique features of WhiteScape are the MySQL integration and server control panel in versions 5 and above.


There were several versions created. Some of the most common are WhiteScape 3.2 (the 317 version of the server) and WhiteScape 5.x (the 377 version of the server). WhiteScape 5.10 was the last revision. Unfortunately, the source code to version 5.4 and above are lost due to a computer crash - they were never released to the public.

WhiteScape 1 - 4 (317)


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WhiteScape 5.x (377)

The first public release of v5.0 was April 12th, 2008 which was the first released 'true' 377 server. Previous 377 servers, were not real 377 servers but merely 317 servers with a client that loaded the 377 cache. Some of the features it included were MySQL integration, objects, players and NPCs, and a PHP registration system.

Future releases included fletching, a server control panel (with banning, muting, database management, player management and server messages and updating).

WhiteScape 6.x

In September 2009 WhiteFang begun development on WhiteScape version 6, which is a complete rewrite supporting the 377 protocol.