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Login Protocol

(needs to be documented)

Game Protocol


Server -> Client Packets

Opcode Type Length (bytes) Name Description
137 FIXED 2 Show interface Displays a normal interface.
164 VARIABLE_BYTE N/A Send message Sends a server message (e.g. 'Welcome to RuneScape') or trade/duel request.
192 FIXED 0 Logout Disconnects the client from the server.
206 VARIABLE_BYTE N/A Set MIDI Sets the current song playing on the client.
210 FIXED 3 Send sidebar interface Assigns an interface to one of the tabs in the game sidebar.
240 FIXED 0 Clear screen Clears the screen of all open interfaces.

Client -> Server Packets

Opcode Type Length (bytes) Name Description
54 VARIABLE_BYTE N/A Send Chat Message Sends a chat message to the server.
237 VARIABLE_BYTE N/A Send Command Sends a command (any message prefixed with ::) to the server.